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Summer Packing Guide: The North Fork

In a few weeks, my fiancé is taking the first portion of his medical boards and he's been cramming like a crazy person. My role in all this studying mainly involves using headphones while I watch Mad Men and planing for our post-test celebration—a long weekend in Long Island's North Fork.

Less scene-y than the Hamptons, but just as picturesque, the secluded spot is perfect for those looking to enjoy the eastern coastline without a lot of crowds. I've already booked a room at a homey bed and breakfast for a couple blissful days where brunch turns into a nap which turns into reading 50 Shades of Grey on the beach for three hours straight. Of course, all that relaxing requires a very specific wardrobe—here's what I'm packing for three days of doing absolutly nothing:

This, plus a white T-shirt or two, is the only top I plan to bring. I'll wear it with cut-offs, jeans and as a swimsuit coverup.