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The Best Alternatives to Flip-Flops

For every person who hates showing off their feet come summer, there's another lady who just loves—loves—open-toed shoes. Unfortunately, such folks often end up wearing the most dreaded of warm-weather footwear options, the bane of any fashion editor's existence: the flip-flop.

In addition to making you walk in a clumsy splay-footed fashion, that telltale thwack-thwack of rubber sandals against pavement is enough to turn anyone off of flip-flops. Cheap plastic thongs have their time and their place: at the beach. But when it comes to the office, after-hours outings and weekend excursions, you'd be better off choosing a more refined sandal.

Oh, but you say you don't have a pair yet? That's why we're here. Click through to shop some of our favorite open-toed options. They may somewhat resemble the humble flip-flop with their between-toes straps and thin soles, but they're anything but beach shoes.

Those delicate ankle straps are like a much cooler (not to mention comfier) twist on barbed wire.

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