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The Moroccan Rain Body Polish At Trump SoHo

I just went to Trump SoHo to try the latest treatment on the spa menu—the Moroccan Rain Body Polish—and it was one of those moments that made me step back and think, "Wow—how did I end up in this luxurious bubble bath?"

So here's how the Moroccan scrub at Trump's awesome new-ish spa goes down. First you walk into a very nice locker room to put away your things and put on a fancy robe. Then you wait in a lounge area for a few minutes for a spa technician to pick you up. Weirdly, this is one of my favorite parts because I get very excited about the session. Plus there's exotic tea, fresh apples and lemon water—and I love snacking while at spas.

The friendly technician, Theresa, took me into a room with an already prepared bubble bath that I was told I'd be jumping into later. I literally did JUMP into the tub from a step stool, causing Theresa to politely comment, "You are a very adventurous girl!" I wasn't sorry about it either, because my inner child has been dying to take a bubble bath for a pretty long time down.

I looked like I was in a surgical incubation chamber straight out of Prometheus. Having not been impregnated with an alien baby, I wondered what in the world this contraption could possibly be used for. Apparently, it's a shower that you take LYING DOWN. I'm not sure what sounds better than that. It might even be as great as a bubble bath.

I lied down and Theresa applied the Moroccan scrub—which had a nutty/fruity scent—very nice. THEN she added a bit of soap to rinse off under the horizontal shower. Theresa and I laughed because it is a little bit silly laying there, but incredibly soft skin doesn't come easy.

BATHTIME! Theresa left me alone to bath in the bubble bath jacuzzi for as long as I pleased. After some time had passed and I realized that Instagram-ing photos while bathing was a bad idea, the best morning ever came to an end—but not before I had some more snacks.

If you like bubbles, delicious scrubs and taking showers while napping, call Trump Soho Spa to book an appointment with Theresa, 212-842-550.

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