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The NBA Has So Much Fashion Steeze Right Now

We're very happy to report that the off-the-court style of NBA players has evolved way past blingy jewelry. Russell Westbrook—who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder—arrived at game one of the NBA finals wearing a print Prada shirt and red framed glasses. Perhaps I'm a bit biased as I have one from the same collection, but us fashion girls are freaking out over his fashion while actual sports fans are most likely sitting there wondering WTF he is thinking. I love his style and love that he's not afraid to dress cool, even if it means taking some heat from a few fans. I'll also give a shout out to Lebron and Dwyane Wade for being steezy, but Russell is my BOY. He can call me definitely.

Alright yo, here is an ode to Russell—master of the print shirt. Tell your man that he should dress like him!

photo credit: Getty Images

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