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This Is What Shiseido Products Looked Like in 1897

Inside, both of these bottles are identical. On the outside, though, they couldn't be more different—one belongs next a toy-sized zen rock garden in a Malibu beach house bathroom; the other, resting on a splintered, dusty shelf in a place that non-ironically calls itself an apothecary.

That's probably because the bottles, which both hold Shiseido's Eudermine Revitalizing Essence, are products of two very different generations. The left is today's packaging; the right, 1897's. Yep, 1897: the Japanese beauty label is actually even older than that, turning a tender 140 this year.

To commemorate that anniversary, Shiseido's reissuing Eudermine in that original, Disney-secret-potion-style bottle. Since the moisturizing liquid's stayed in production longer than NARS, Bobbi Brown and Clinique have even been in business—combined—we'd guess there's some pretty serious demand for it.

Droves of loyal customers will probably freak over the old-school limited edition, but new customers might want to give the elixir a try, too. Like the ever-evolving packaging, the formula responds to climate changes, keeping skin's moisture level constant regardless of the weather. The perfect beginning-of-summer product, no?

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