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Topshop's First Eco-Friendly Pieces Are Available Today

Topshop is like James Franco driving a Hummer: constantly producing and collaborating while leaving behind a carbon footprint that's not exactly small.

The British fast fashion chain sells everything from leopard-print umbrellas to wedding dresses, all while teaming up with an ever-expanding roster of the world's best designers (Mary Katrantzou, J.W. Anderson). It's plowed almost every inch of ground possible—except, maybe, eco-friendly fashion.

But today Topshop's stepping into that territory, too, via a capsule collection with Reclaim to Wear.

"Upcycled" from Topshop's unsold items and discarded fabric, the eight pieces might counteract those intentionally-disposable fast fashion purchases you know you've made before. (Something for a costume party, maybe? A tie-dye skirt you're not totally sure you'll wear again?)

And, like almost everything on Topshop's racks, they're cute and of-the-moment. Like a striped maxi dress and colorblocked sweater I would've bought regardless of how they were made.

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under $100