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Tori Spelling Talks Craft Wars, Fashion, Food, and Pet Chickens

We love us some Erica Domesek, the DIY-obsessed master of a burgeoning P.S.- I made this... empire. While the woman can convince just about anyone that crafting is a life necessity, she also happens to be pretty hilarious. (Like your-best-friend-who-should've-had-her-own-sitcom hilarious.) So when we heard she was teaming up with actress Tori Spelling for TLC's new competition series, Craft Wars—which premieres June 26 at 10pm ESTwe asked Erica to grill Tori on everything from summer trends to designing outfits for her pet chicken. Really.

I couldn't be more excited to be a part of TLC's new Craft Wars series, seriously! My days were filled with talking about making amazing things, dishing DIY, and I got to hang with our incredible Tori Spelling, who I bonded with immediately over fashion, food, and everything in between. Aside from being a wonderful mommy to 3, soon to be 4, she has become a dear friend, with whom I share my deep passion for DIY.

Erica Domesek: What was one of your early fashion DIY's you can think back to?

Tori Spelling: For my 8th bday party I had a roller skating party. It was my first party I helped my mom plan and I got involved in a major way. Including designing my own bday outfit. The color scheme i picked was turquoise and fuchsia and I wanted to make my own outfit. I found a fuchsia and white striped cotton blouse that I hand glued fuchsia rhinestones across the back to spell my name in bold caps. Then i cuffed the short sleeves and tied in front to make cropped. Next, at a dance store i found turquoise spandex jeggings and also made satin turquoise and fuschia braided ribbon barrettes with hanging beads for my hair. The outfit looked great with my white leather roller skates with fuschia laces.

Like me, you're a vintage-a-holic... What are your favorite flea and antique markets to scour for treasures?

I love flea markets! In LA you can find one every Sunday. My favorite is Long Beach and Santa Monica. I love the Rose Bowl but because it's well known the prices aren't always the best. Sometimes I drive to Joshua Tree and just scour the antique stores there and the small towns before and after it. Great finds! I'm also Etsy.com vintage obsessed! Online nightly. Also, I love going to Estatesales.net and you can find local estate sales in your area. We get an early morning start with the family complete with coffee, hot chocolate and doughnuts and knock out 3 or 4 on a Saturday morning. I look for vintage clothing accessories and antique furniture, dean vintage sporting equipment and cooking utensils, and the kids love finding vintage toys!

If you could craft with one person alive & dead who would it be and why?

Well, Erica Domesek obviously!! After baby we will have a girls nite of wine and a craft off!

What summer trends are you craving right now?

Caftans Caftans Caftans! Also love gauzy summer frocks with crochet and mini gladiators. Clear plastic accessories are back in so I broke out my vintage Chanel clear plastic pouchette with gold chain and gold leather trim. It's amazing!!!! And neon I'm having a lot of fun with right now. Especially with jewelry and nails.

Speaking of nails, you and I get really serious about our nails. What color are you currently sporting?

Pool blue!

Let's talk accessories. I know you love jewelry! In fact you even have three separate jewelry lines that sell from Saks to HSN. What are your go to pieces you rock on the daily?

Right now I'm so loving my new summer DIY jewelry line STYLED sold at Michael's and Joann's. So versatile and you can make in three easy steps. Rock your inner Haute DIY! I also love vintage bold animal pendants and cocktail rings and mixing metals and love organic stones like agate, malachite, and tigers eye. Recently started finding lots of vintage clear rhinestone brooches at flea markets and painting them with neon nail polish to make them pop. Then I can repurpose them into necklaces, bracelets, and cocktail rings.

I love your chicken Coco! And I love that you have custom outfits for her—tell me about her and them.

Coco (Chanel of course) is a silkie bantam chicken. She is white and fluffy and is often mistaken for a poodle! I call her a pocket chicken because she loves to be held and go places with me. They know her by name at our local Michael's craft store. What? A chicken can't craft too? I make her outfits to mimic my vintage dresses. She also has little capelets! I turn vintage brooches into fascinators for her. Right now I'm knitting her a chicken poncho for those cool summer nights.

One our first day of Craft Wars, you had me try a mini corn dog. I know food porn is big in your world. Spill a few of your fave restaurants, dishes.

I still can't believe you had never tried a corn dog! That's not normal but I'll move on. Yes, I'm a total foodie like you so I love inventive dishes. I love a palette pleaser that has creative presentation as well. Totally into the app Forkly which is like Instagram for foodies. Total food porn. I love bite size anything. So I love to go to a restaurant with friends and all share a ton of appetizers. A taste of everything is always fun! It makes for more food porn pics. My whole iPhone is filled with pictures of my kids and food! I love savory mixed with sweet options. I'm also a big sushi fan. Well, when not preggers. Love amazing sashimi and creative rolls. In LA my faves are Katsuya and Sasabune. As you know I love lobster. Always on lookout for a great lobster roll. But, ELD your the expert on that! And, anything sweet corn during the summer has my vote. My culinary hubby Dean who just started thegourmetdad.com and made an amazing sweet corn ice cream recently. It was unbelievable. We love thinking outside the box. Savory cupcakes are my new obsession. We make lasagna and pot pie cupcakes. We cook a lot so we don't go out to dinner that much.

Speaking of hungry... Can't wait for people to sink their teeth into Craft Wars. Did you have a favorite challenge?

With all the challenges I was so wanting to go make my own version! It's hard to be a crafter and just watch from the sidelines. I thought the birdhouse out of junk and playhouse out of school supplies were fun ones. I would have loved to have done the bedroom decor myself as I love interior decorating. And being a crafter, the holiday ones were super fun!

What was your favorite look on Craft Wars you wore? The Halloween poison ivy vintage gown? Embellished turquoise heels?

Had to be my Halloween outfit. I was a mix between Poison Ivy and Mother Nature (thus the growing pregnant belly). We found a vintage Forrest green gown and added faux leaves with DIY glitter green Ombré as straps, headband, and a bracelet/ring combo. Fave part was painting my nails green!

Totally! I loved your entire look that episode. I was obsessed with my Marchesa DIY Goddess look.

It's no surprise that we have DIY in our DNA, but for those not so crafty—how would you tell the not so savvy DIY'ers to get started and get crafting?

I say jump right in. Don't be scared. There's no right or wrong when you're being creative! The only limit you have is yourself. Besides, to me homemade equals love so I think it's always worth it to create something for someone over buying it.

Tori's stylish chicken Coco Chanel.

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