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Tracy Anderson Introduces a Fancy Leggings Line

I once had a business meeting downtown directly across from Tracy Anderson's NYC studio. Naturally I was distracted, but less by the armies of bouncing bodies in their finest Lululemon than by the smiles on their faces. Those militantly chipper women would probably follow anything Tracy does in their quest for a Gwyneth Paltrow physique, so it's almost a wonder Tracy didn't sell workout wear before.

Starting today, Tracy's offering a capsule collection of black capri leggings exlusively on Edition01— the online reatiler of limited edition collections from major designers. At $125, the leggings are pricey (compared to $45 for a standard pair of Under Armour cropped tights or $90 for a more detailed Stella for Adidas version) but I'd argue it's justified.

Sure, they're limited edition and were created by a GOOP-approved designer, but the leggings' real appeal is their design. Each of the four styles targets a specific area, sucking in your outer thighs, stomach or rear via strategically placed compression panels and extra layers. Click through below to see the styles and shop the full collection here. Tailored to nip in problem areas and boost confidence, they might just make you actually want to run errands on the way home from the gym. (Or just go to the gym in the first place. That's good, too.)

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