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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Hold on to your champagne flutes and print out those bridal registry checklists, folks—wedding season is officially in full swing. And whether you're on the guest list for beachside, backyard or black tie ceremonies this summer, you're likely wondering exactly what you should wear to those nuptials. After all, weddings tend to be one of the trickiest occasions to dress for.

We're here to help. Click through to check out four head-to-toe wedding-appropriate ensembles we've put together, each categorized by theme. So no matter where your friends and family are planning to tie the knot next, you'll be covered.

Black Tie Wedding

When black tie attire's required or even just optional, your safest bet is a streamlined dress that grazes the floor. One bold piece of statement jewelry (whether of the fine or costume variety) will amp up your entire look. Remember: it's always better to err on the side of overdressing.

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