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Which Bag Is Best: Alexander McQueen vs. Jimmy Choo

My clutch collection is my closet's Achilles' heel, sparse enough to push a MTV Room Raiders judge far, far away from inferring that I work in fashion. A black satin minaudiere for formal events, a brown leather envelope for daytime-y, warm weather stuff and I think one more, maybe—that's it.

I'm just not as excited by clutches as I am by pretty much everything else. That might change, though, if I owned one of these hard case flag clutches.

Their impractical nature is exactly what I love. With a fitted sheath and heels they'd make a punchy nightime outfit—no jewelry needed—but they'd also look kind of amazing during the day with a stiff blazer and a ponytail. I'd even lug a tote to work with all the stuff I really need, then stash it under my desk to carry around one of these boxes. More than any bag I've seen lately—except maybe this one—they have a sense of humor.

But I'm not sure which one I like more. Alexander McQueen's (on top) does look luxe. But for the price of it, you could get the Jimmy Choo version (on bottom) and all the equallly cheeky pieces in the slideshow below. And still have enough money left over for a colorful itinerary to match: like, say, a Monty Python movie, a bottle of Jack Daniel's and a ton of Manic Panic to play with. Which would you choose?

Alexander McQueen's Britannia clutch: $1,545

Jimmy Choo's Union Jack clutch, plus all of this: $1,464

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