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Why the Barneys.com Redesign Makes Me Very Happy

Until last week, a pie chart of my Barneys spending—red for in-person, blue for online—would be as scarlet as a Louboutin sole.  But that changed with Barneys' website redesign, which turned its online storefront from a charming Friends-style walkup into Bruce Wayne's penthouse.

Now the site's so glossy it's almost manipulative. I've been browsing it for years—it's part of my job, after all—and never once made it to the checkout cart. But last week I found myself dazed-yet-unconfused by the clean new presentation, convinced that a black Opening Ceremony dress was sewn specifically for a place in my closet.

I could've bought it other places, of course, but Barneys has an extra punch with its new site. It's actually fun to browse, thanks to a sleek layout and, my favorite part: images so giant they make other site's product pictures look like thumbnails. Click through the slideshow below to see what I mean, but just make sure you click the enlarge button in the bottom left corner. (Each of the products is a Barneys exclusive— a whole other reason to visit the site beyond its pretty new platform.)

On the new site, you can actually see the seams on this scuba skirt.

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