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It's basically a gilded leotard with wings, and it is awesome.

White jeans were a fresh, crisp choice for a December night; old school fashion rules be damned.

Kinda subversive in its covered-up-ness, like a Big Love character gone fancy.


It doesn't look bridal at all—just slouchy, nonchalant, cool.

Flirty, ladylike peacock with a smudge of black eyeliner: my favorite of all time.

Loose waves and a patterned clutch relax this Dior dress just the right amount.

It's matador-meets-Jackie Kennedy and I completely love it.

The rare celebrity who knows how to make neon look sophisticated.

Channeling a badass Lauren Hutton.

Like that iconic navy backless dress Hilary Swank wore to the 2005 Oscars, this one's got the perfect, perfect cut.

I kinda wish they'd made the red carpet a different color so I could fully appreciate this.

In a parallel universe, I am cool enough to wear this sort of ensemble to work every day.

Zoe's now built up enough style cred to make this tricky look work.

With a subtle animal print and bright turquoise in just the right doses, she looks grown-up playful.

I would like to pretend I run errands in such an easy-yet-exciting outfit, too.

Of course Zoe would be the one to find the raciest below-the-knee gray dress I've ever seen.