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Happy Birthday, Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep: Fashion Tips From the Over-40 Set

This week, two Hollywood legends—Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep—are blowing out birthday candles. Yesterday, Nicole turned 45, while Meryl will ring in her 63rd birthday tomorrow. And while both women have enjoyed undeniably awesome film careers that've spanned multiple decades, they have also gained recognition for their signature style.

They may have different body types and aesthetics, but Nicole and Meryl could teach any of us a thing or two about age-appropriate dressing. Read on for some tips and tricks you can glean from their sartorial choices over the years—and to get started on building an Oscar-worthy wardrobe of your own. After all, if anyone can prove that whole "age is but a number" adage true, it's these two ladies.

Go for simple, structural silhouettes.

This fiery-red Elie Saab dress Nicole wore to a screening of Snow Flower & The Secret Fan is just gorgeous.

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