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Hats Off to Behida Dolić

You so can wear a hat without looking like you stepped out of a period piece.

If you’re not a celebrity equipped with a personal stylist, working a hat into your daily ensemble can seem daunting. But milliner Behida Dolić, is trying to change that. “All women look beautiful in hats. If a hat is a reflection of your style and personality, it will be easier to wear.”

A Bosnian refugee, Dolić came to U.S. in 1998 with her brother and two sisters “determined to succeed at making [her] life a very happy one.” She’s found that happiness through millinery. “When I moved to U.S., I saw photos of women from the 1920's and 1930's and they were all wearing beautiful hats and I was in love! Never before had I seen hats like that—they were not only beautiful, they were wearable sculptures. The moment I saw those photos, I was hooked.”

In her Hudson, New York store, B's Hats, and on her online Etsy shop, you'll find one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by “old films, hats, cars, furniture and art deco architecture" according to Dolić. “For most women who choose to purchase a custom-made hat, there is often a unique back story about why they bought it," she says. "It's a majestic feeling knowing that every hat I make will become a fragment of someone’s personal history.”

Click through the slideshow to see Dolić's creations and the outfits we'd pair them with.

A swingy dress in unexpected pattern and cheerful accents play up the hat's whimsical nature.

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