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Kate Mara Shared Her Summer Shopping List With Us at Coach's High Line Carnival

Last night's Coach party on the High Line featured spiked snow cones, fortune tellers and a dunk tank—complete with a shirtless male model "dunkee," of course—and drew tons of editors and celebs alike. In between sipping gin lemonades and waiting to try our hand at Whac-A-Mole, we bumped into actress Kate Mara—and couldn't help but talk shop(ping) for a few moments.

Lucky: Have you been a Coach fan for a long time?

Kate Mara: Absolutely. I love how this clutch I'm carrying tonight is so vintage-inspired. I actually love looking for older Coach pieces at vintage stores, and think it's great that they've been bringing back those particular styles with their reissues.

If a girl could only pick up one Coach bag, which would you recommend?

I'm a fan of their travel bags. I'd love to get a new red weekender—I love a statement-color bag.

What else are you keeping an eye out for this season?

I'd like to get a good pair of wedges, because I don't own any yet. Something you can wear out shopping, though, with not too high of a heel.

Towering wedges—especially if they don't have a platform—can be crazy-painful.

I know, right? I've actually been obsessed with wearing TOMS lately. They're all I've been wearing.

Do you go for the earthy-looking ones, or the glittery pairs?

No glitter for me! Just basic black or grey. I know they're not the cutest things to wear with a sundress, but they're so comfortable and your feet aren't killing you by the end of the night.

Lastly, any music recommendations you can share?

Summertime always makes me want to listen to '60s music—old-timey stuff. I've been listening to lots of Loretta Lynn lately—I think this heat just makes me go for country.

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