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Lindsay Lohan Is a Surfer Girl in This Richard Phillips Video

We're heartened to say that after showing you a picture of Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor yesterday, once again we have news from the star that does not involve court rooms or ankle bracelets. This morning, we spotted the actress in an exclusive video on The Cut by artist Richard Phillips.

The 90 second short, which is called "First Point," officially premieres on June 11 during Art Unlimited at Art Basel and features Lohan in sporty swimwear on the beach set to a soundtrack by Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk. Although she is present for most of the film, there are spots that incorporate pro-surfer Kassia Meador as a body double.

Lindsay's hair is a very bleached out blonde, which means that she either shot the footage before starting her Liz Taylor biopic or she's wearing a wig in the Lifetime movie. Watch it below and let us know which hair color you prefer, or—like us—you're hoping she'll go back to red.