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Lucky Listens: Louisa Rose Allen of Foxes

To say it’s been an exciting year for Louisa Rose Allen of the British electro-pop band Foxes would be an understatement in the truest sense. After releasing her debut EP, Youth, in January, Allen's " “anthemic and honest" sound amassed a seriously enthusiastic fan base (including Dianna Agron of Glee). In April, tracks “Youth” and “Home” were featured on Gossip Girl. Now, she's about to release her full-length EP, Warrior (out July 10), and embark on a US tour.

“I haven’t ever been to America but I’ve always wanted to go, and just the fact that music is taking me there is crazy,” says Allen.

While new-found celebrity has transformed certain aspects of Allen's life, one thing hasn't changed: her sense of style.

“I shop at a lot of charity shops and vintage shops, because in the past I’ve kind of been broke," says the singer, whose daily uniform consists of sundresses and beat-up Converse. “It was sort of a blessing."

Click through the slideshow to see more of Louisa Rose’s favorite things and check out Warrior, out July 10.


On Accessorizing

"I love rings. I’m obsessed with having loads of them at the moment so I literally just pile on rings. Rings are funny, aren’t they, because they’re not really for anything. It’s like a hat. Sometimes I think they don’t have a use but they look good so I guess that’s what they’re for. Lots of chunky jewelry and rings, I love that sort of thing."


On Beauty

"There’s this amazing Nars Highlighter. It’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever bought—it’s perfect. It just gives you like this incredible glow. It’s a really embarrassing name but it’s amazing: it’s called Super Orgasm Illuminator. Every girl should have one."


On Her Must-Have Shoes

"My black and white converse, definitely. I live in them but the thing is with Converse, I don’t like clean Converse. It’s awful, isn’t it? It’s like the worst thing to see. I remember getting a new pair of Converse and I literally took them out into my front garden and just rubbed loads of mud on them, just like desperately trying to get them dirty."


On Shopping Vintage

"I actually once got a Chanel bag from a charity shop and I couldn’t believe it. It was like a tenner and I think the old woman behind the counter just had no idea and I was really worried she was going to find out and I kept thinking, 'Noo…' Luckily, she didn’t know."

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