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Lucky Listens: Louisa Rose Allen of Foxes

To say it’s been an exciting year for Louisa Rose Allen of the British electro-pop band Foxes would be an understatement in the truest sense. After releasing her debut EP, Youth, in January, Allen's " “anthemic and honest" sound amassed a seriously enthusiastic fan base (including Dianna Agron of Glee). In April, tracks “Youth” and “Home” were featured on Gossip Girl. Now, she's about to release her full-length EP, Warrior (out July 10), and embark on a US tour.

“I haven’t ever been to America but I’ve always wanted to go, and just the fact that music is taking me there is crazy,” says Allen.

While new-found celebrity has transformed certain aspects of Allen's life, one thing hasn't changed: her sense of style.

“I shop at a lot of charity shops and vintage shops, because in the past I’ve kind of been broke," says the singer, whose daily uniform consists of sundresses and beat-up Converse. “It was sort of a blessing."

Click through the slideshow to see more of Louisa Rose’s favorite things and check out Warrior, out July 10.

On Shopping Vintage

"I actually once got a Chanel bag from a charity shop and I couldn’t believe it. It was like a tenner and I think the old woman behind the counter just had no idea and I was really worried she was going to find out and I kept thinking, 'Noo…' Luckily, she didn’t know."

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