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On the Brit Awards

“There’s a designer called Sorapol who I wore for the Brit awards, and their stuff is more outrageous like almost futuristic and theatrical and dramatic. I borrowed some jewelry from Erickson Beamon for the Awards, too. It’s just hands down my favorite jewelry ever—stunning pieces.”

On Three Pieces She Can’t Live Without

“My striped vintage shorts because I wear them all the time. And I’ve got this lovely black lace dress with a tutu skirt from Jones and Jones. I wear it a lot but it’s easy to style it so that it’s different every time. And I have a pair of red chunky red heel shoes which I always wear and are great with trousers or, if you’re wearing a skirt, then bare legs. They just make every outfit fabulous.”

On Her Style Inspiration

“I generally like to mix masculine with feminine and boyish, I’m very inspired by Annie Hall; the way Diane Keaton dresses in that movie. I just think there are ways of covering up completely and stil being really sexy.”

On Hair and Makeup

“On my hair I use Moroccanoil—that’s great for all types of hair actually. And makeup wise, I like Maybelline Colossal Lashes mascara. If I was on a desert island and I had nothing else, that would be the only makeup I'd need.”