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Office Visit: Amanda Warner a.k.a. MNDR

A self-proclaimed “punk at heart,” Amanda Warner (a.k.a. MNDR) isn’t your typical girl-next-door pop star. The electronic-pop singer, who first impressed us with her vocals on Mark Ronson & The Business Intl’s 2010 hit “Bang Bang Bang” featuring Q-Tip, is set to release her debut album Feed Me Diamonds on August 14.

But we're intrigued with more than Warner's musical talent—her personal style, trademarked by statement glasses and a playful edge, has us hooked too. “Music and style are one on one,” explains Warner. “As an artist, I don’t always feel like they are two different things.” Whether she’s on stage or in the studio, she isn’t afraid to take risks with her wardrobe. “I enjoy fashion but there is such a difference between style and fashion. Some people play with it a bit more and some people don’t.”

Click through the slideshow below to see how you can recreate Amanda Warner’s street-chic look:

What She Wore to Lucky

“My boots are L.e.i., just like a pair of vintage, knock off, fake Timberland boots. And L.e.i. cracks me up because I totally remember it from when I was a teenager. I wear a lot of bombers, and this is one of my satin vintage bombers. There’s a tiger on here and on the back. I found this one at a vintage store. The glasses are Dior—for a more refined look.”