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What She Wore to Lucky

“My boots are L.e.i., just like a pair of vintage, knock off, fake Timberland boots. And L.e.i. cracks me up because I totally remember it from when I was a teenager. I wear a lot of bombers, and this is one of my satin vintage bombers. There’s a tiger on here and on the back. I found this one at a vintage store. The glasses are Dior—for a more refined look.”  

On Splurging

"I splurged on Robert Clergerie shoes, because I got them sample sized. You know, I have huge feet because I’m tall and Swedish, so I can’t really get in on the clothes sample sales, but on shoes, it's great. They’re so comfortable and well-made; they’re just amazing for stage shoes.”

On her Lacoste L!ve Campaign

“The thing I liked about doing the Lacoste project, is that they just wanted do a piece on me as an artist, and it wasn’t like 'We’re going to slap an alligator on you.' Really, traditionally, it’s a bit of a preppy brand. I thought it was really nice that the artists they chose came from different walks of life and different body types.”