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Lucky Office Visit: Rebecca Ferguson

On the phone, she sounds almost like a nervous teen, speaking in hushed tones and a thick Liverpudlian accent. So it's hard to believe that Rebecca Ferguson, the soft-spoken mother of two from England, is the same powerfully-piped Rebecca Ferguson who was runner-up on the British X-Factor.

Now with her debut album Heaven (which debuted at #3 on the UK charts) out in the States, everything is falling into place for the 26-year old singer, whose voice conjures a mix of Norah Jones, Aretha Franklin and Adele. “When I went to the X-Factor audition, I went with the idea that if it’s meant to be, it’ll be, and if it’s not, there’s something else waiting for me," she says. "But I do believe that this was meant to be.”

When it comes to dressing the part of a rising star, Ferguson insists on wearing what she loves and what makes her feel good—everything from sexy, body-conscious dresses with heels to retro vintage gems. And though she hasn’t always had the means to buy designer clothing, Ferguson has been cultivating her flirty-yet-quirky style since youth. “I used to go to the charity shops and get little vintage bits so I could put clothes together on a budget. You don’t need loads of money to look classy—if you’ve got a good eye for fashion, you can put things together.”

Click below for a slideshow that will show you just how to get Ferguson's brilliant high-low style.

On Her "Nothing's Real But Love" Video Style:

“On the day of the shoot, they brought loads of vintage clothes and loads of really expensive clothes and people were like ‘Oh, we don’t know. We don’t know.’ And I saw the black and white ASOS jacket and was like, ‘Well, what about that one?’ And the stylist was like, ‘Oh, that’s not a particularly expensive one, but it looks good.’ So, in the end, we picked that.”