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Shop It Out: Michelle Williams in Take This Waltz

In the overwhelming heat of the summer, it's tempting to throw on any old t-shirt/shorts combo to stay cool. But resist the urge, and take cues from Michelle Williams’ amazingly cute everyday looks in Take This Waltz (also starring Seth Rogen, Luke Kirby and Sarah Silverman). Williams, whose red carpet style we already adore, plays the part of a happily married woman who falls for the artist across the street in writer/director Sarah Polley’s latest work of genius. And while clothes can't solve your problems (not all of them anyway), we like to think that her character Margot's signature style—bright plaids, colorful ginghams, playful stripes, cut-off denim shorts—makes facing them just a little bit less painful.

Check out the slideshow for our favorite pieces inspired by Williams' on-screen style and catch her in Take This Waltz in theaters June 29 (NYC) and July 6 (national).

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