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Wedding Tips From Lucky's Editors

For those without wedding planners on call—and even for those who booked theirs far in advance—it's the little tips and tricks handed down from family and friends that can really help make one's nuptials special. And though it's completely normal to feel overwhelmed when planning your big day, those tidbits of advice can help the momentous occasion run far more smoothly.

To help out all you brides-to-be (not to mention bridesmaids-to-be), we asked some of our own staffers to share their words of wedding wisdom. And from an innovative DIY ring bearer pillow idea to a suggestion involving skydiving (really), you won't want to miss their savvy tips. Click through to read them all.

Alexis Bryan Morgan, Executive Fashion Director

"I think people often don’t take time to find a great wedding photographer and give them the required direction. I attended a wedding recently and the bride was crushed when she got the photos because the photographer took  only took pictures of the wedding party or “atmosphere” photos (i.e. bouquets of flowers). The bride should take some time before the wedding to give direction to the photographer and identify people in the family and close friends who they would like to be photographed, and other general direction—like to photograph people dancing or arriving. OK, I obsess over making beautiful photographs for a living—but I think the wedding album is almost as important as the event itself! You want it to be perfect for your grandchildren."

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