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These give Prada's Spring 2012 shoulder-dusters a run for their money.

The name pretty much says it all—these are the flyest earrings around.

Edgy meets elegant.

Safety pin earrings have been big news for awhile now—but these babies cost far less than most.

If Wonder Woman wore earrings, she'd love this pair.

Simple, streamlined and slightly Art Deco.

We're hooked on these kitschy fish.

These ones fan out from your lower ears in a midieval, Game of Thrones-gone-glam way.

Earrings don't get much more "statement" than these.

Flamingos for your lobes? Done and done.

Tribal-inspired, yet still delicate.

Cascading gems for an unbeatable price.

Paging Daisy Buchanan....

We want these bugs on our face. Now there's a sentence we never thought we'd say.

Fear not—these golden anchors won't weigh down your ears.