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30 Days of Playlists: Sarah Nicole Prickett

In honor of our first-ever music issue, we asked a few of our friends to share their summer playlists. For the next 30 days, we'll reveal one at a time for all you faithful Luckymag.com readers. Miss a day? It ain't no thing, just check us out on Spotify under "LuckyMagazine" and you'll be able to cop every list all summer long.

Today we scored a list from recent Canadian transplant and writer, Sarah Nicole Prickett. She's well known in the space for her prose, growing collection of tattoos and head-turning two-tone hair. Her playlist hits on some electronic and a little bit of hip-hop and of course, what pre-weekend mix would be complete without Fatboy Slim's "Praise You?" Enjoy, and happy Friday.

Want more? We asked a few of our favorite celebs for their playlists, enjoy!

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