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This Dress Shirt Promises to Make Your Boyfriend Look Less Sweaty

Like pretty much everyone in summer, these dudes get really sweaty on the way to work.

They're at a disadvantage, since unlike women, they can't just wear strategically skimpy outfits to the office and still look professional. But they do have MIT degrees, which they put to work to tackle the problem, creating a dress shirt that keeps the body cool in the heat. And keeps it warm in air conditioning. Kind of ideal in July.

Woven with the same materials used in space suits, the Apollo shirt functions like a battery, storing and releasing heat in reaction to body temperature. That way you neither sweat on the sauna-like subway nor shiver under the A/C vent in the office. Instead, you're just constantly comfortable— and moisture-wicked, and wrinkle-free, and dry-cleaning-bill repellent, since the shirt's machine washable. It does it all. It's even coated in an anti-microbial layer to neutralize odors. Not that guys get stinky or anything.

While it was mostly created for the professional dude in mind, I'd imagine it has way more uses than that. If you've ever been in a grocery store, movie theater or restaurant in the summer, you know what I mean: people get way overzealous with that thermostat. And they don't exactly walk around handing out sweaters to patrons who wore, quite logically, sundresses to face the 97-degree outside world.

So as much as I'd love one of these Apollo shirts to keep my boyfriend from being sticky/sweaty/shiny on his way to work, I'd like one for myself too. You can't get one directly from their website—yet—but you can snag one by donating $95 to their second round of business funding on Kickstarter before Wednesday, July 11 at 4 PM EST, which seems like a win-win all around. Tailored to your choice of size, color, and cut (classic or slim), the shirt will arrive in arrive in August— the hottest month of the year, of course.

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