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Easy Fourth of July Outfits Already in Your Closet

This Fourth of July, after stocking up on ears of corn the size of rolling pins and overpriced pool toys from the drugstore, I'll quite literally burn my money buying sparklers by the fistful. I will not, though, figuratively burn cash on flag-emblazoned t-shirts, stars & stripes bikinis and other theme-y stuff I'll wear one more day out of the next 366, at best.

Instead, I'll save my money for barbecue supplies by cooking up one of the outfits in the slideshow below. Each of the looks centers around something that's probably already in your wardrobe, no matter what your style: retro, preppy, campy, whatever. Which means more money for sparklers, cases of domestic beer, tablecloths and bug spray—or, perhaps, a really good navy or red gingham manicure.


Whether you style it with Jenna Lyons's quirkiness or Lauren Hutton's classicisim, odds are you have a chambray shirt hanging in your closet.

If so, pair that shirt with a Panama hat and bikini during the day— preferably a red one, if you have it—then toss on white jeans and an open weave sweater when it gets cool at night.

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