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Get the Best Brows at Bombay Brow Bar


I just had the best eyebrow experience of my life at Bombay Brow Bar at the Shangri La Hotel and I feel like it's made my face look ten times prettier. I also had the best cup of chai tea and heard a really empowering female success story. 

When owners Ravy Mehroke and Amy Minhas couldn't get a decent eyebrow wax to save their lives, Bombay Brow Bar in Vancouver was born. (Ravy admitted to crying after a bad brow wax). Now there's three locations with plans for many more (in the US, too!) and they serve over 20,000 pleased customers. That's a lot of nice eyebrows being raised! (Make that 20,001 because my new shape is amazing). You can tell that the Bombay Brow girls are super passionate about the job. Ravy told me, "We've had clients tell us that we've changed their lives and that they feel more confident. There's nothing that can explain how good that makes us feel."

Let me tell you about how good they made me feel. I have these lame eyebrows that won't seem to grow in properly and they're not nearly as thick as I'd like them to be. If there's one piece of advice I can give you on how to be way better looking, it's that you should starting threading your eyebrows on a regular basis. Whether they're sparse like mine or a crazy unibrow—they still require shaping.

We all prefer threading over wax and the reason why is simple: Waxing removes a layer of your skin each time. Threading attaches to the hair, successfully removing it from the hair follicle. It'll save that sensitive skin of yours and the other benefit is that it grows back thinner and slower, which isn't always the case with waxing.

You might be hesitant to try a new technique, but they make it really easy on you here. First you're given a cup of delicious chai, which is an Indian tradition. It's the first thing you'll be offered if you enter anyone's home in India. (And can I just say, us Americans should consider making this a thing.) Then you get a one-on-one brow consult. They mark up your eyebrow with a white pencil to show you where your brow starts, ends and where the arch is. It'll help you clearly see what shape your brows are in and what shape they should be in. Then the threading begins and it doesn't hurt a bit. The seamless process is followed by a massage and some brow makeup to polish it all up. I was so happy with the end result that I bought the eyebrow care trio: It's a brown powder, an arch highlighter and a shaping wax (mine tend to grow downwards and the wax helps to keep the hair in place).

Making frequent trips to Vancouver might not be an option—though Meryl Streeps daughter Mamie does it—but the good news is that they're planning to expand to the US. In the meantime, my brows look good and I've adopted a new favorite custom—doling out David Rio green chai tea to everyone that walks through my door. It's yummy and it's healthy. And please get your brows done. It only takes 10 minutes and it goes such a long way.

Bombay Brow Bar, Shangri-La Hotel, 1113 Alberni Street, Vancouver, BC, 604-669-2769

(Full disclosure: The Shangri-La Hotel, where I'm staying, footed the bill for this trip.)

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