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Dorothy Hamill's Bowl Cut

This iconic figure skater snagged the gold medal at the 1976 Winter Games—and became just as famous for her signature graduated bowl cut hairstyle as for her triple axels. The cut continues to be popular amongst toddlers today, though perhaps not by their choice.

Nancy Kerrigan's Vera Wang Costumes

Just seven weeks after sustaining a serious knee injury—an attempt at sabotage planned by a rival skater—Nancy Kerrigan won the silver medal at the 1994 Olympics in this beautiful white long-sleeved costume by Vera Wang. A winning moment if ever there was one.

Shaun White's Burton Snow Gear

Nicknamed "The Flying Tomato" thanks to his head-turning red hair, this two-time gold medalist has designed skiing and snowboarding collections for sporting label Burton. You can often spot him in the brand's checkered snow jackets while competing.

Picabo Street's Eagle Helmet

This Idaho-born downhill skier memorably sported this avian-adorned helmet at the Games. Seal's "Fly Like an Eagle" could be her theme song.

Michael Johnson's Gold Nike Sneakers

Bringing new meaning to the term "gold rush," this Olympic sprinter has won four gold medals—perhaps thanks in part to his famous footwear of the same shade. After the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, he was widely billed as the world's fastest man.

Michelle Kwan's Lucky Dragon Necklace

This two-time medalist swears by a certain lucky charm when competing: a gold dragon necklace given to her by her grandmother.

Florence Griffith-Joyner's Nail Art

When it comes to following manicure trends, it looks like the late Florence Griffith-Joyner was decades ahead of the curve. Her super-long, heavily jeweled fingernails turned heads at the 1984 and 1988 Olympics—as did those one-legged unitards.

Evan Lysacek's Vera Wang Costumes

Who says that girls get to have all the fun? This 2010 gold medalist also tapped Vera Wang—herself a former figure skater—to create his Olympic competition costumes.

Bruce Jenner's Very Short Shorts

He may not have been the first track and field star to pull on a pair of ultra-short running shorts—and he certainly won't be the last. But the Kardashian family's patriarch, who scooped up a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, sure liked showing a little leg.

Ralph Lauren's Opening Ceremony Outfits

All-American designer Ralph Lauren was selected to design the U.S. Olympic team's ensembles for the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2008, 2010 and 2012 Games. Both patriotic and preppy, the red, white and blue uniforms are a perfect match for our nation's athletes—and we predict this sporty collab will continue for years to come.