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Seven Interview Outfits for Under $100

I'm not really sure who said "you've gotta spend money to make money," but I think they were right—to a point. Wearing classic, polished staples— a solid blazer, a printed pencil skirt, a tailored sheath—will help you land a good job, but there's no reason to spend entire paychecks you don't have yet while buying them.

Instead, stock up on these affordable options, then go crazy on fancy work clothes once you get the job. (I'm pretty sure everyone in this office has done that at some point, me included.) Until then, shop these you'd-be-stupid-not-to-hire-me outfits, each of which is smart and stylish and under $100:

Borrow from politicians and wear red to look powerful. Choose a dress that's covered-up and streamlined, not flirty-short and flouncy, and stick to minimal jewelry and nude pumps, not black.

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