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Jem Dolls Are Back...Do You Want One?

Soon, fans of '80s cartoon Jem won't have to frequent garage sales and flea markets to find good memorabilia. USA Today reports that Integrity Toys, Inc. is planning to produce dolls based on the television series similar to those sold over 20 years ago.

Although the items are technically toys, the company is billing them as "high-end collectibles" with "high-end details, quality accessories and ultra-limited edition sizes." They also each cost way more than the original off-shoot merchandise. At $125, we're guessing that most moms won't be sharing the rock singer action figure with their kids.

The re-issued model will debut at Hasbro's booth during Comic-Con this year and after that, it will be sold on Hasbrotoyshop.com. To the right, we have a preview picture of the "Hollywood Jem" doll wearing a really awesome stage outfit and on-trend pink hair. But, amazing as it would look in our apartment, maybe that money would be better spent on getting her ensemble for ourselves. What do you think—would you rather have your very own Jem character or cash for her clothes?

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