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Jillian Rose Reed: Seven Days, Seven Outfits

MTV's hit sitcom Awkward lives in a place where the worlds of My So-Called Life, The League and Can't Hardy Wait supernaturally intersect. Doesn't that sound weird? Because it is weird. But good weird. 

Which is why I was pretty darn excited to chat with 20-year-old Jillian Rose Reed, who plays Tamara, the funny foil to straight-woman-protagonist Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards). When it comes to personal style, Tamara's is often outrageous, occasionally upstaging Jillian's in-real-life, California-cool-girl look. "Tamara loves to dress in florals, striped socks, she loves to accessories, where lots of bracelets at once!" says Reed. "We both like to mix it up...but I live in my combat boots." On the red carpet, she tends to stick with strapless minis, a favorite of stylist Audrey Brianne. "Thanks to Audrey, all I need to worry about out there is tripping in my platforms!" she says.

Click through to see what a week's worth of the actress's outfits, and tune in to catch her in the second season of Awkward, airing Thursday nights at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.


"I'm a huge fan of the casual jeans and t-shirt look, but to make it more funky...colored skinny jeans are the way to go! My Love Label pink skiny jeans are my favorite; they fit perfectly and who doesn't love pink!"

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