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Lucky Listens: Dragonette

When it comes to straight-up catchy, can't-get-'em-out-of-your-head dance tunes, nobody does it like Dragonette. Until recently, the Canadian electro-pop trio were probably best known overseas—and then a little song called "Hello" happened. Their collaborative track with Martin Solveig topped US charts and quickly became a fixture at clubs across the country. Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz and Joel Stouffer are currently getting ready to release their third album Bodyparts on September 25—and the first single, "Let It Go," has already hit No. 1 on Hype Machine (listen to it below!). With their worldwide tour coming up, we invited the group to Lucky HQ to talk jewelry-making, eyebrow-bleaching and why it pays to choose flats over stilettos.

Lucky: Let's start by discussing your upcoming album, Bodyparts. How long has the project taken from start to finish?

Dan Kurtz: Well, we started about two years ago...and then "Hello" got in the way.

Martina Sorbara: We started getting all these offers to play quick little shows around the world, so we'd write in between them whenever we could.

DK: It was very much a process of stopping and starting, which is sometimes tough...especially when you throw jet lag into the picture. I really feel like the album should be called Jet Lag, actually.

Speaking of traveling, what are some of your on-the-road must-haves?

MS: I'm honestly not sure why it took me so long to discover track pants.

Joel Stouffer: Tina turns into Snooki at the airport.

MS: Not Snooki! More like...the gypsies from Snatch. That's who I'm channeling.

DS: True. At least you're not wearing velour.

How about your onstage outfits? What are those like?

MS: I dont really have "stage costumes." But before our Fixin to Thrill tour, I remember I found this vintage top—you know when you find something and are like, "Is this the ugliest thing I've ever seen, or the best?" Well, I bought it thinking I'd never wear it. I also got these leather leggings, I think they were by Corpus, and I literally wore them every day of the tour. The only problem was that they were leather, so it wasn't like you could just throw 'em in the wash....

Um, how do you keep concert outfits clean?

DS: Don't ask. I have a tuxedo I took out of a bag after it'd been dry-cleaned after a series of concerts, and I was blown away but how awful it still smelled.

MS: It will take a nuclear holocaust to finish off what's still living in that jacket.

JS: That suit could outlive cockroaches at this point.

MS: Anyways, I've been wearing lots of white recently. Like a white tee with white jeans. I was actually given this pair of white Levi's i've been wearing for almost every concert. They're getting pretty dirty...I've had to bleach them a few times already.

DK: And Tina never wears heels.

MS: Yeah! I had this pivotal moment when I realized a certain show I'd played had gone way better than most...because I hadn't worn heels, and was able to dance without being afraid of tripping or falling over. So I''ll always try to find a snazzy pair of flats that'll make me feel rad without being frumpy. These are kind of a bit witchy, this Tiger of Sweden pair I'm wearing right now. And I have these N.D.C. ones that are sort of like men's white snakeskin ankle boots. They go well with that all-white stage outfit.

DK: We've been playing lots of shows with Carly Rae Jepsen, and until the very last show we did with her, she always wore heels. And I loved the way she danced—kind of like a '70s mom at a disco concert, all in the shoulders. But then all of a sudden she was blazing around the stage—she had discovered flats! But that's what you have to do if you want to be able to move around, you know?

Agreed. You also wear some really awesome jewelry, I've noticed.

DK: You make your own jewelry!

MS: I made this D-ring necklace....

DK: She made one for me, too. D for Dragonette. Or D for Dan. Or D for Dino, which is the person I become when I wear a necklace.

MS: Your Greek alter ego, ha! I make rings too, from wax casts.

Would you ever want to take on accessories design as a side project?

MS: Oh, totally! I was thinking of doing a three-piece jewelry pack to sell along with our Dragonette merch. It's fun to think of people walking around and wearing something I made.

What's your absolute favorite place to shop?

DK: Have you heard of Value Village? It's like the Canadian Salvation Army. Our van could be hurtling down the highway through sleet and snow, and Martina can sense when there's a Value Village nearby—and she always makes us stop.

JS: It's like a sixth sense.

MS: But I mean, the reason I like Value Village is because I like to feel like I'm finding treasures that don't exist anywhere else. Palm Beach actually has the best consignment stores in the world. I bought a hat the last time I was there, by this hatmaker called Frank Olive, that was from the '60s. It doesn't even fit me, but I needed to own it.

What's your onstage beauty routine look like?

MS: I've been using the Clinique waterproof mascara that comes off in tubes lately. And I love to wear a bright red lipstick on stage, but I'm not sure what I can do to stop it from smearing all over the place: my face, the microphone....

DK: You should just get your lips tattooed. [Editor's Note: This is actually a thing.]

MS: I'm also into bleaching my brows. But then when they start growing in, they get kind of salt-and-pepper-y. Luckily, I have bangs to cover that up with. It just feels so summery to have a lighter brow. It's also good to distract people from the lipstick that's now all over my nose.

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Photo courtesy of Dragonette.


"I think if you look in the right places, you can feel pretty pimp in some not-very-high shoes."


"You know what my fashion dream is? I want a bazillion different vests—sleeveless button-down ones—to wear as accentuations over different tops and jackets. Denim, leather..."


"I try not to wash my hair the day of a show to avoid that frizzy, freshly-washed look. I rely heavily on texture. I love Label. M's salty beach spray."


"I'm not sure why it took me so long to discover track pants."


"I always bring a big, enormous scarf with me on the road...I have a nice one from AllSaints that's trimmed with pom-poms on the sides. Basically, you want your scarf to double as a bedsheet when you're on the plane."

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