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Lucky Office Visit: Tristan Prettyman

The quintessential California golden girl, Tristan Prettyman’s vocals can best be described as a mix of “acoustic singer-songwriter, folk and sass.” Her new album Cedar & Gold, set to release September 25, is “like reading a journal,” says the singer. “I want someone to feel like they can connect to it and like they’re reading something and they can feel that within themselves or they can put themselves in that situation.” Admittedly all over the place, Prettyman’s goal for the record was “to put everything I love onto one album.” The result of her heartfelt endeavor is a gritty, honest confession that “no matter how dark a space it enters into, always comes back to find the light.”

It’s clear from her worn-in leather boots, breezy sundress and jumbled mix of jewelry that her bubbly, bohemian style of music extends into her wardrobe. At home in San Diego, where she surfs every day, she tends to be casual. “I’m usually in flip flops and a shift dress or cut-off shorts and tank top.” But with a new album, Prettyman’s playing dress up and making the transition into a more polished, feminine look. “With this record and all the promo we’ve been doing, I’ve definitely stepped up my fashion game a little bit.”

Click through the slideshow to see some of Tristan’s favorite style finds and check out her album Cedar & Gold out September 25.


What She Wore to Lucky

“These are my grandmother’s boots from when she was a nurse in the navy in the '40s. When my grandma passed away, I ended up with them and then just hung on to them. She is a really important part of my life and my inspiration. My dress is Novella Royale by my friend Mary Meyer. And then I have a little vintage belt on that I got in Australia, which has some imprinted flowers. And then this is Paige Denim jean jacket, my go-to denim jacket and then my jewelry is Vanessa Mooney bangles.”


On Her Style Icon

“I kind of like to go off a Blake Lively in Gossip Girl look, and also how Blake is in her everyday. Like, I love that kind of casual but dressed up look that’s like effortless and comfortable.”


On Her Beauty Routine

“Well I don’t wear a lot of makeup generally but when I do, I just do Clinique eyeliner, Dior mascara and then like a little bit of blush and then Stila lipgloss. And then for hair, I generally just get out of the shower and let it airdry. My hair is generally wavy and it honestly looks the best after I’ve gone surfing and it just dries and it looks like I used Bumble and Bumble Beach spray or something like that.”


On Her Venture into Jewelry Design

“My friend and I actually started making bracelets with a lyric from my new record stamped on it and it says, ‘Maybe the best hasn’t happened yet.’ It started when I gave my friend a strip of silver that I had something else stamped on and I said, ‘You should do something with this.’ And so she made it for herself and then I loved it so much that I was like, ‘We have to make these for the fans!’ We put it on my blog and got over 300 orders the first week. The fans have been reacting amazingly to them and I think it’s something that everybody can relate to, just knowing that the best is yet to come.”


On Her Favorite Items

“The Alexander Wang leather leggings that I just got are amazing. And I’ve worn them about four times and they’ve started to conform to my body shape, which is awesome. I have a pair of Christian Louboutin black peep-toe pumps with the spikes on them, which you can wear jeans and a white t-shirt with and you’re good to go. I also have a Lindsey Thornburg cloak that I got last year. It’s amazing—it’s made out of a Pendleton blanket and it’s this beautiful wool cloak and it has these bone closures with this big hood and you could just wear a tank top in the snow with that over it and you’re just so warm.”

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