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Make Room For Fashion: Suitable Swimsuits

Every woman has their own reason for needing a new swimsuit after they have kids. Some want more ruching and ruffles to distract from a few extra pregnancy pounds, some need more coverage (or extra padding) after fluctuations in boob size, and others just want a more sophisticated, grown–up look to go with their newfound status as a mother. My reason came about this weekend when playing in the waves at the beach with my son. A big wave came, he clung to my leg, as well as the side ties on my bikini, and let’s just say beach goers in Montauk got a free show!

The next day, after a very ungraceful attempt at bringing my paddle board ashore and taking a tumble in the whitewater, it was my triangle bikini top that abandoned me. And that’s when I resolutely decided, I need more security when it comes to a swimsuit!

My first and only stop? Malia Mills. They've got a variety of swimwear separates so you can find the exact right bottom and top for your tastes and needs. In my case, this means no strings, something sturdy and a little fuller on the bottom, but still cute and flattering. Fortunately, higher-waisted retro and sportier cut styles are popular right now and Malia Mills had a variety of options.

The tops are made by bra size (from 30 A to 40 E) so they fit snuggly and securely and will, hopefully, prevent future flashes!

These bottoms have serious stay-on power and the top, though a bandeau, is fitted snuggly enough to leave you feeling secure when the waves cometh over.

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