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Make Room for Fashion: Summer Bangles

Last week, my two-year-old nephew was eying his mom’s pretty, sparkly, beaded bracelet. He reached, he grabbed, he pulled. And next thing you know, my sister-in-law is on her hands and knees picking up hundreds of beads that have scattered all over her living room floor.

She later got the bracelet restrung and hesitantly wears it, but it got me thinking about how my jewelry preferences have changed since becoming a mom. Long necklaces, strands of beads, dangly earrings, anything that’s big and fun and eye-catching: I can’t wear any of that around my son. And it’s not even as if that changes as they grow out of babyhood. Toddlers grab and pull to get your attention, or because they want what you have. It’s a shame really, because a single piece of jewelry can really make a statement.

So here’s my latest obsession: big, bold, colorful bangles that are easy to wear and pretty much indestructible. I’ve found some great options at very reasonable prices at Nordstrom.com, as well as some more luxurious bracelets by Alexis Bittar. I love how you can wear one or stack them in various colors and textures for serious statement making. And in colors such as hot pink, turquoise or yellow, they're perfect for summer.

There's something very "Under the Sea" about these bangles, which is why I love them.

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