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Mascara Wand Wars

The following is a guest post from our friends at The Beauty Department.

Lenghtening, thickening, curling, black, blue, glitter: depending on the chemistry, each mascara creates its own particular look. But lest you think the formula's the only thing affecting your lashes, think again. The wand you use is kind of a big deal, too.

To prove it, we applied the same exact mascara to the same girl, using three of the most common types of wands and snapping the results each time. (And removing the makeup in between, of course!)

The results were super-varied even though the product stayed the same, which means you might want to check our guide if you're curious how your wand shape steers your eye makeup look. (Who knows— you might be using the right formula to get the look you want, but not the right applicator.)

For the complete results, please visit Thebeautydepartment.com.

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