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De-puff with cooling cucumber lotion! This always makes me think of my favorite quote from Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead, "Sue Ellen, every girl over 25 should have a cucumber in the house."

In just 10 minutes, this eye mask makes everything look so much better and more moisturized.

Rodin face oil is the answer to everything, especially tired looking skin that needs some extra moisture.

This firms up and hydrates the skin around your eyes—which are both key ways to avoid the sleepy look.

This steel ball roll-on does wonders for puffy eyes in the morning.

All in one bottle—it's vitamin-E to lift and Retinol to avoid wrinkles.

This is technically a super glow-inducing make-up base, but you can also use a few dabs around the eyes. It's made with PURE GOLD—how's that for illuminating?

Givenchy Mister Light is a corrective pen that should be your friend. It provides good coverage and it's easy to blend.

I dab a little bit of this on every morning now and—let me just say—28 never looked so good.

This eye cream targets both types of dark circles around the eyes: pigmented melanin formulation (brown circles) and poor micro-circulation (blue circles).

Walnut and caffeine are the magic eye-opening ingredients here.