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Music Issue Special: Amy Heidemann

Karmin, the pop duo formed by Amy Heidemann and fiancé Nick Noonan, were catapulted into the spotlight after covering Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” on YouTube. The cover showcased Amy’s killer pipes and unbeatable rap skills (watch out Nicki Minaj), and landed them a record deal with Epic. The couple, who refers to their unique tunes as “swag-pop,” released their debut album, Hello, in May.

With her retro-chic clothing and hair in her signature “suicide roll,” Amy’s style is just as distinct as her music. Here’s what she had to say....


On Her Retro Style

“There’s something about how bold it is – you had to be pretty conservative back then but you made up for it in bold, with high-wasted skirts and chunky shoes.”


Screw the Stilettos

“You need awesome shoes that you can walk in but look really rock star. Go for the thick heels and the wedge, your feet get sore in stilettos.”


On Her Day-off Duds

“On days off I try to exercise, so I’ll wear sweatpants and a cool old rock and roll t-shirt, like with Elvis or The Beatles on it.”

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