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Music Issue Special: Marina and the Diamonds

It's hard not to have a bit of a clothes-crush on a girl who lists both her biggest fashion influences and music inspirations as "Madonna, Marilyn, and Marie Antoinette." Marina Diamandis, better known as her solo-act moniker Marina and the Diamonds (she says her fans are the "diamonds") is all about integrating style and music in the most creative of ways. Her latest album, Electra Heart, takes "the attitudes and the stories and myths surrounding those three characters as the starting point," creating a concept-driven work that's "fluffy and fuzzy and feminine," but with Madonna and Marie-inspired elements of being "fearless, really hungry to make music and challenge people's perceptions."

These themes could probably be applied to Marina's fashion sense as well, an eclectic mix of vintage, punk and glam. "I found a massive thrift market in LA. I was going so much, I’d come with an empty suitcase," she says. "It was brilliant, I was building this look." The Londoner's wardrobe includes everything from 25 (!!!) pairs of platforms, fuzzy sweaters in a rainbow of pastels and a sparkly doll necklace that she bought on Etsy. "I kind of do my own jam." We'd have to agree in the best possible way.

Check out some more of Marina's style and beauty picks below.

"I really like the look of the 1950s, lots of suburban Americana influences. I'm 5'4, so I like kitten heels occasionally because I can move around a bit easier, but pointy-toed pumps are very elongating. A curling iron gives you an instant finished look, it's a 100 percent tour bus essential."

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