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Music Issue Special: Shirley Manson

It always seems as though it's the most stylish of celebrities who can't quite pinpoint their fashion sense. "I'm still looking for my personal style!" says gorgeous Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson. "I'm all over the map and always have been." The flame-haired Scot first appeared on the music scene in '95. But the band's latest album, Not Your Kind of People, marked a return to the recording studio after a six-year hiatus, with a loud, fun sound that harkens back to their earlier records. It's a vibe that totally fits Manson's take on fashion, too, with a bold approach to trying any trend imaginable. And encouraging other women to do the same.

"Style to me is constantly evolving and mutating, so I can't define what my tastes or even my limitations might be, because that could all change like the weather by tomorrow!" she says. "I do feel like there is a terrible pressure right now on people to fit in and dress like everyone else and toe the line and be a good girl and not do anything risky for fear of being laughed at. There is a real danger of us all being homogenized and ironed out which I think is terribly sad. I love individuality in fashion. I love seeing girls take chances and pairing odd pieces together to create something really fresh. Even if they make mistakes and they don't always pull the look off, I love them for trying and daring to be different."

Get a taste of Shirley Manson's style below.

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