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The ultimate Olympic throwback.

I've been looking for a good pair of white brogues FOREVER. If they keep making these the official Olympic uniform shoe, I might consider picking up a sport.

Indulge your inner Spice Girl.

I'd bet a lot of the girls who visit Opening Ceremony's London pop-up will leave with this easy summer dress.

A fresh take on patriotic sunglasses, compared to the star-spangled, red, white & blue frames we see every Fourth of July.

More gold accessories need to be this exact color: deep and regal, instead of that ubiquitous yellow-y faded version.

Tell everyone it's a thrift store find from that semester spent living abroad.

Wear it with low-top sneakers and cutoffs and all your other Wet Hot American Summer staples.

With a sliver of white and small red label, it's the most subtle Olympic-themed thing we've seen.

Originally designed for winners of the 1972 Olympics, these reissued sneakers now have Union Jack lining, too.

Ditch the beret and wear the blazer with printed loafers as a preppy fall staple.

Only Stella could pull off cartoon underwear that's pretty and sweet and not at all creepy.

Wear it as a sophistocated statement necklace that doesn't feel too neon, charm-y and Pretty Little Liars-like.