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Pre-Order Madewell's Entire Fall Collection Now

Madewell just released its entire Fall 2012 lookbook and is letting customers pre-order all the pieces. A first for the casual wear company, this service is a good option for people who love Moda Operandi's business model but can't afford a $1,000 dress. (Or CAN afford a $1,000 dress but rather buy an entire outfit instead and have enough money left to see the new Spider-Man movie.)

The outfits are pretty hard to resist. In true Madewell fashion, each is an multi-layered mix of patterns, colors and textures that shouldn't look good together but unexpectedly do. And since it's too hot to wear any of them now, we're happy we can keep our picks on reserve without causing closet clutter. It's a good system: Here's hoping the brand will starting extending this courtesy to customers more in the future, or at least during its next Alexa Chung collaboration.

It was hard to narrow down, but we've included our five favorite looks in the slideshow below. Click through to see them now and them visit Madewell.com to pre-shop the entire range.