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Shop It Out: Spider-Man's Girlfriends

The Amazing Spider-Man made $160 million at the box office in its debut week, so it's no surprise we've got Peter Parker on the brain. The geek-turned-hero has had plenty of admirers over the years, from the well-loved Gwen Stacey (played in this reboot by Emma Stone) to the lesser-known Betty Brant. In honor of the  comic-book beauties (understandably) caught in Spidey's web, we've shopped looks inspired by their styles.

Gwen Stacy

As Peter Parker's first serious girlfriend, fans of the comic book put lot of weight on the Gwen-Spidey relationship. So it's no surprise that, for 2012's version of the story, Gwen (played by Emma Stone) wears lots of sober, classic pieces. Click through to shop her look.

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