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Gwen Stacy

As Peter Parker's first serious girlfriend, fans of the comic book put lot of weight on the Gwen-Spidey relationship. So it's no surprise that, for 2012's version of the story, Gwen (played by Emma Stone) wears lots of sober, classic pieces. Click through to shop her look.

Felicia Hardy, aka, Black Cat

Spider-Man can't resist the wild, feral charm of this cat burglar and has a rooftop wine-and-cheese date with her. If you're the Black Cat type, we suggest sexy latex dresses and leather tops and pants. Click through to shop her look.

Mary Jane Watson

After a tough childhood, Mary Jane hides her troubles behind a career in acting and modeling. Peter Parker and Mary Jane become close friends and lovers in their shared honesty, and eventually, man and wife. Although a bright redhead, Mary Jane (played by Kirsten Dunst in the last decade's Spider-Man trilogy) loves wearing reds, pinks and oranges, and lets vivid green tops bring out her lovely green eyes. Click through to shop her look.

Betty Brant

Betty Brant is the personal secretary to the publisher of The Daily Bugle newspaper, where Peter Parker starts working as a photographer. The quiet and responsible Peter seems like a safe-choice boyfriend, but dating a superhero is nothing close to safe. Rosebud color nail polish, pearls and the classic black dresses are her tried-and-true style choices. Click through to shop her look.