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Shop It Out: Wet Hot American Summer

Between hits of the fast-paced new Spider-Man and the candy-coated Katy Perry movie, rent Wet Hot American Summer. Sure, its satire of summer camp life is hilarious, but it also packs a nostalgic punch those glossy summer popcorn flicks don't.

Instead, it's a romp through all things wildly outdated, and I love it—not just for the cast, but for the clothes, too. Set in 1981, the wardrobe's a time capsule of early '80s awesomeness: puka shell necklaces, cardboard-thick cutoffs, faded ringer tees and too-small track shorts. On top of it, the actors wearing those things are—in a way—high school yearbook versions of their current A-list selves.

Director David Wain probably couldn't predict that most of the ensemble cast (Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, etc.) would become Hollywood gold in the decade following the movie's release, but they did. And in a weird, meta way, seeing that cast strut around in tube socks, baseball tees and clogs perfectly fits that before-they-were-mega-famous stage of their careers.

It's a little distracting—Bradley Cooper in an asininely popped collar polo, looking 25 years old! (he was)—but not quite distracting enough for us to forget about those clothes. Below, we've rounded up our favorite versions of Camp Firewood's finest outfits. From the Big Man on Campus counselors all the way to the nerdy, sci-fi "indoor kids," they're each something to write home about. (Or buy. Or send someone in a care package. Whatever.)

Perfectly faded, like a well-loved hand-me-down from an older camper.

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