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If you keep your skin moist during extremely hot weather, it'll prevent heat rash and other skin irritations. When it's hot outside we tend to sweat underneath our skin, which can lead to breakouts. I always keep a mini bottle of this with me.

Think of this as a quick fix for when your face is feeling oily—and it makes your pores less visible.

These toning pads prevent breakouts and create the appearance of smooth, matte skin. Use one before you load on all of those moisturizers.

The entire umbrian clay line by Fresh is great. This serum pretty much eliminates the chance of any and all shininess and it's clarifying, which is so necessary on a long summer day.

This fluid is great for combination skin. It reduces shine and helps to prevent premature aging.

To combat oily skin throughout the day, use the right primer underneath your foundation. Skip the creamy one that you'd go for during the winter in favor of one with oil-control properties.

Make sure that your makeup has SPF! It's both hydrating and mattifying for a dewy, not too dry look.

Make sure you use extra moisturizer after a day at the beach—it won't undo sun damage, but it'll always makes things better (not worse).

This self-tanning sunblock mousse is awesome because it gives you a gradual, natural looking glow without that weird self-tanner scent. It has SPF in it, too. I've been putting it on every single morning.

I carry this mini eye cream in my bag so I can keep reapplying it throughout the day. The skin around the eyes is so delicate and requires extra care.

Wear sunblock on your face EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's so hot out there and the sun is way stronger than you think. Even if you're only outside for a few minutes.