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Two in one: You can smudge it all over your eyes or use it as a liner.

I've been wearing this bronzer since high school. And now all of my friends use it too. And now we're all happy, bronzed people.

This here is a great buy because you can put it anywhere—cheeks, lips and eyes.

It's important to choose a mattifying powder that won't add to the problem. This oil-free one is super light and contains vitamin-E.

I spray this on when the clean scent of my shampoo fades out because it smells AMAZING.

Every single hair stylist brings at least one bottle of L'Oreal Elnett them to photoshoots.

'Super-Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm.' Are you not sold just from hearing the name? You can use it under or over eyemakeup—try to beat that!

I recently learned that this isn't just an eye brightener—you can can use it anywhere to contour your face—like around your lips or at the side of your nose.

You can thank Boscia's BB Cream for that new "it looks like I'm not wearing any foundation look."

Inside of this little bottle there's some real pore-minimizing magic.

I promise you'll never go back to your normal chapstick after getting down with this one by Fresh.

Whether it's an involved cateye or a simple black line—we've found this pot of MAC eyeliner the easiest one to apply.

Don't underestimate the power of a good angled brush. Use it to put on your eyeliner and to fill in your brows.

Throw away whatever streaky tan towels you've been using and try Kate Somerville's.

The secret to not looking all shiny is using mattifying lotions and makeup.

For a smooth, creamy lip—you can't go wrong with any YSL lipstick.