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The Best Hotels in London

London is where it's at these days–the Diamond Jubilee brought out a whole slew of Royals earlier this summer. The city is gearing up for the Olympics. And let's not forget that the Spice Girls will have a show in the West End this fall. With so much going on, it makes sense that you'd want to visit to witness some of this action. That's why we combed through the best stores and boutiques in London to give you the ultimate guide, guaranteed to make you shop the entire city.

But with 'shop' comes the inevitable 'drop,' so you're going to need a place to rest after your sartorial adventures. We've teamed up with travel site Oyster.com to find the best places to stay in London, dividing the list between two equally cool neighborhoods: the sleek, royal-spotting haven that is Mayfair and the edgy, Olympic-centric Shoreditch. Now all you have to do is purchase a plane ticket.

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